Sri TMS 92nd Birth Anniversary Day special

Today March 23rd 2014, it is Sri TMS's 92nd birth anniversary. This page is specially created for this occasion. Today it can be considered as TMS Jeyanthi day

Whenever I get time, I look for new videos, songs and posting about Sri TMS on the web. Recently I came across a video that is published by RajShri Tamil on Feb 24th 2014, with in few days, the viewers count reached thousands. Nowadays the songs we see on the movies are fast forwarded automatically by the viewers due to poor content of audio and video but the songs Sri TMS sung in 2000 (at the age of 78) made me to view it repeatedly. My sincere thanks to RajShri for posting TMS and Sudha Raghunathan concert into Youtube.

I was introduced to Sri TMS by Sri G.R.Mahadevan in 2005. Since I know Sri TMS personally, i used to call him and talk for few hours over phone. In one of such conversation, we were discussing about a karnatic song sung by him and I curiously asked him why he didn't put effort to become popular in the Karnatic music industry, He replied me with three reason, I am delighted to share his answer with all of you TMS fans around the world. His answer was 1) During that time, much importance was given to film musics due to good lyrics, good combination of singers and musicians. 2) He was making more money and fame easily in Cinema songs 3) TMS used to do Karnatic concerts but in Karnatic concerts, TMS fans used to demand him to sing Shivaji and MGR songs. Not singing Shivaji and MGR songs made his hard core fans disappointment often.

As usual, I am hosting one unreleased movie song and two karnatic songs for Sri TMS's 92nd birthday. Please enjoy.

I also would like to share a photo that was shared with me by Sri TMS in 2011. TMS and Rajini.

Currently the guest book page is broken. I am making efforts to fix it. It will be available soon.

Once again thanks for visiting TMS site.

Ganesamoorthy K Kuduva
(Site Administrator)


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