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The following items are added to the site on March 23rd 2014.
TMS 92nd Birth anniversary day special page.
Our Beloved Singer Sri TMS left the world on May 25th 2013
but he is still living at the heart of millions of Tamil music lovers.
I have created a separate page to share thoughts. Please follow the link below.
Sri TMS Lives in our heart forever - Special page.

This site is dedicated to my favourite karnatic vocalist and veterian play-back singer PadmaSri T.M.Sounderarajan. Most of the TMS fans get real surprise when they come to know about classical songs sung by TMS. I love to spend most of my time in listening karnatic classical songs sung by TMS. I am in constant search of his concert songs through various resources. When I lived in Chennai, India during 1990 to 1998, I used to record his concerts from radio and other sources. During my recent visit to my motherland, I collected considerable number of karnatic songs from TMS himself. Sri TMS showed keen interest in bringing out this web site and he not only helped but also encouraged me. I also collected his karnatic classical songs from his close associates. I have presented here my entire collection of Karnatic songs sung by Sri TMS and you can find those in the Karnatic songs section of the menu.

TMS and his wife;Photo taken on Aug 8th 2007.

Though I give more weight to classical songs, I also give importance to his movie songs. Rendering the right Bhavam and modulating his voice to suite the situation made him the lion king of the music world.

I have also presented some movie songs which depicts his various bhavam and moods. Also I have included a section to list his other language songs. Please go through the contents by navigating the menu. I am hoping that you find this site more informative and entertaining.

I am making continuous effort to gather more TMS classical songs. Please check out this site periodically. Also if you have any classical songs sung by Sri TMS, please send it to me and I will publish them in this site.

I collected TMS photos and songs from online resources like Yazh Sudhakar's web on TMS and cooltoad profile of Kriben's TMS South Africa Concert songs. and I am always thankful to the owners of these pages.

My sincere thanks to G.R.Mahadevan, M.P.Balan and R.S.Gokulan of TMS narpani manram for having helped me to engage with TMS and providing me all support on bringing this site up.

My sincere thanks to Mr T.Hariharan for helping me to fix some of the typose and spelling mistakes in this site.

Kuduva K Ganesamoorthy

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